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What is EMA Agency

We are a Company in charge of supporting Global Blockchain Projects in matters of cryptocurrency listing, IEO Preparation, Marketing and AMA sections.

Our purpose is to help our clients establish the best listing plan based on project need, availability and budget.

What we offer you

Full advice and assistance on the listing of tokens or coins on well-known platforms.

Negotiate rates and services that adapt to the needs of each project.

Total confidentiality between agreements.

Development of an adequate pricing strategy that meets the objectives and budget of the project.

We list our clients in record time, the exchange naturally takes a long time to respond and even if the list is approved it will be very long.

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We can help you list cryptocurrencies and tokens on various leading crypto exchanges. We have relationships with Western and Asian exchanges and can facilitate token listing applications and due diligence for blockchain and ICO projects.

Token or ICO developers can use our token listing service as a gateway to listing tokens on major crypto exchanges to increase their popularity, liquidity, trading volume, and market reach. Because the market is extremely saturated, most exchanges rely on partners like us to perform initial due diligence and team verification to help them spot weak projects.

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Our team

Omar Ema agency

Omar Perez

CEO / Founder

Omar Ema agency

Noel Andrade

COO / Founder

Omar Ema agency

Leonardo Villamizar

BD / Founder

Omar Ema agency

Daniel Guaita

BD / Founder


Best Prices and Conditions

Best Prices and Conditions

We can negotiate rates and services that suit your budget

Best Prices and Conditions

Marketing and PR

Strong marketing and PR base for your IEO.

Best Prices and Conditions

IEO Strategy and Fundraising

Help with overall strategy and launch of IEO.

Best Prices and Conditions

Direct contacts

Negotiations directly with the exchanges.

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Let us know if you need our help / questions / or want to partner with us

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